Friday, 21 April 2017

Kim Kardashian angers fans by transforming into the Virgin Mary for 'disrespectful' Kimoji merchandise

Reality TV star Kim Kardashian transformed herself into the Virgin Mary for her latest Kimoji merchandise drop. The mother of two appears in the traditional guise of the mother of Jesus on a candle.

With her serene face and dignified headdress she looks the part – but fans were not impressed.

The image appears on a candle and was criticised for being "disrespectful" by fans.

"This is a disgrace you're trying to make money from our faith. No you aren't a virgin no Kanye is not a god. Are you trying to start your own religion?100% disrespect," one fan commented.

"Kim how dare you, you are claiming yourself as a Christian but yet you're comparing yourself to our Virgin Mother Mary," another added.

"You won't see this now but your day is coming when you'll be judged," a third fan wrote.

What do you think KB readers?

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