Saturday, 4 February 2017

Woman who claimed £500k for being paralysed caught dancing to Micheal Jackson

A woman jailed for falsely claiming £500,000 in disability benefits was caught on video dancing to Michael Jackson.

Maribel Milligan claimed she could only use one arm and was paralysed down the entire left hand side of her body. But she was seen raising her arms in the air and clapping to Jackson's famous hit, Bad.
A court heard despite claiming hardship, she also had homes dotted around the country - including pads in her native Venezuela.

Teesside Crown Court heard the 53-year-old lived a “lavish” lifestyle, with pictures showing her outside the Eiffel Tower and dancing at a glittering wedding ceremony.

Milligan, who illegally claimed seven different types of benefit, was also caught splashing in the sea and riding a bike.

Via video link, Judge Howard Crowson said:
“It was quite incredible to see you stepping swiftly from a chair and dancing with your husband.You portrayed yourself at the trial as the victim - a person wronged.”

A judge has now jailed Milligan for three years after a jury found she had illegally pocketed over £539,000 during her 11 year ruse.

She sat in a wheelchair for sentencing after a GP wrote a letter claiming she did have some health problems..In total, Milligan creamed off £539,907.43 from 2002 by claiming hardship and severe disability.

Source: Daily Mirror

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