Wednesday, 8 February 2017

Who is the Great Annonymous?


As you continue to read from us, especially in relation to the current struggle in Anglophone Cameroon and Cameroon as a whole, we will ask that you employ a lot of reasoning. Our plan is not to discredit nor destabilize the movement but to strengthen it through knowledge and awareness. That is why they say, “Knowledge is power”.

Most people in Cameroon and those involved directly or indirectly with the struggle really don’t know (1) what the struggle is about, (2) why they need to get involved, (3) how to get involved. This is why there needs to have several forms of sensitization. I believe if our francophone brothers and sisters, as well as Anglophones living out of the affected regions, know more about the what, why and how, then this cause should be able to engage every reasoning Cameroon and that’s the only way victory can be assured sustainably.

And using Kinnaka's Blog, we will share information to better inform citizens to make informed decisions. If Biya is still in power after 34years, then there is something wrong with his generation and the generation before him. It is then our duty to make sure that the curse does not crossover to the next generation. We will share information from a realistic point of view and sharing several perspectives.

We are going to be a voice to a people who rather do than talk, will rather work quiet than loud, will employ reason over illusion, and reality over fallacy.

Kinnaka's Blog is in the business of promoting free speech, truth and the democratization of forward thinking proposals. She is bold enough to take the hits and will someday be hailed for her heroic acts backed by reasoning. Our continent is rich in resources but poor in realizations simply because we have been trained to kill the messenger and not listen to the message. This is why we will rather remain anonymous, so you are not distracted by our faces and focus on the message for those who have heads and ears. So, you chose to read and not to read. You can chose to insult and to praise. You can chose to be envious and choke in our destitution. We have a mission here and we are moving forward.

In this current struggle, many will fight because of ulterior motives, some will fight because it serves their greedy purposes, some will fight because it’s a point of definition and for some, it is a means to an end. So, whatever be our motives, we should learn to agree to disagree while fostering unity – unity through hope and hope through faith. For it is only in unity that the government will fear the people, the people should not fear the government.

For the voice of the people, is the voice of God.

Written by The Great Anonymous.


  1. Shut up. This is Kiki speaking. Idiot.

  2. Abeg "WE" na who and who? Na company this your own blog dey? if you want write about the "Great Anonymous" weh ei be like ur essay want involve all the anonymous people but then you di take style for correct ur errors, makam clear, because even with this same piece "Great anonymous na Confuse writer" Na over friends and people you know go ruin your blog. You keep a lot of people to clap hands for you and even to write for you. Nobi Kiki write this grammar. no start talk like u go eventually cross carpet when Southern Cameroon shine better in the future. Just stay with Mayor Ekema ei group na dey u don always be. If you have been neutral then you are a TRAITOR. Good info about the strike, you di deliberately not talk about. So where you stand nodi hide.

  3. Thank u second anonymous. Tsuuiiiiiip