Thursday, 16 February 2017

When the young use old methods to win new fights

The current Anglophone crisis will seem to be screeching to its end of term. While the silent majority sympathizes with those locked up, we also see the pseudo-leaders who temporary hijacked the struggle from their bedrooms, gasping for air and content to keep its thirsty followers salivating.

This is what happens when you wean baby boys off their mother’s chest and sends them to lead a struggle orchestrated by their grand parents. First of all they started with hype of a win even before the battle started.

And then they gathered a crowd, led them by fear of exclusion and hunger for recognition, to cheer for them while they made rational decisions that only sunk them deeper into their mud.

They built their ideologies and strategy based on assumptions: assuming that Biya will give in; assuming that everyone will support the course with same mind as them; assuming that the international community will mount pressure on the government and the government will easily give in; assuming that their constant media awareness and presence will make struggle go viral and soften the minds of sympathizers to weigh in; assuming that UNESCO and other leading bodies will place sanctions to disassemble the government’s plan to show force and authority; assuming that their constant presence at embassies around the world will positively affect the outcomes of the struggle; assuming that they will raise enough money especially from the diaspora to support the struggle; assuming that threatening other young ones and polarizing the atmosphere to draw a line between Anglophone and francophone will further strengthen their case; assuming that spreading propaganda and sabotage will earn them more stripes and muscle to stand the struggle; assuming that their boycotts, intimidations and hunger tactics will entice the ageing government to feel some remorse and give in; assuming that God will send a miracle through its numerous preachers and robe wearers to change the fate of the struggle; and assuming that the assumptions could become reality.

In every battle, the loser is the one who falls in the trap set by the winner. We must agree that we fell for their trap: we had no strategy in the beginning and so no tactics and a blurry vision. Whereas the government, simply unveiled their old formula: made time to listen to them, created occasions for dialogue and made its usual promises before tactfully arresting their real leaders to expose its weaker links. They infiltrated the struggle and played along side to further gather evidence and build its case while the baby boys played on to its tunes, played on until they start running out of steam and get caught with brain fatigue.

Today, while others go through the pains of jail, others are enjoying the freedom of a political refugee. Leadership is slowly moving away from these baby boys but back to an amateur who keeps sending video notes from hiding in the same way we have watched the leaders of terrorist groups send out memos. Sending pencil threats to the establishment and expecting long lasting effects.

We have witnessed nations like Libya, Egypt and many others go through such circles but the difference is that it was led by a united group of savvy professional committed to a common purpose with no egoistic motives. Yet, today’s outcomes of these nations are still unpleasant.

Cameroonians are very much informed and aware that despite our current realities, they won’t let the nation go back in the dark ages. The government’s intervention might have been brutal but some say, it was much deserved at that period in time.

To win this struggle, we first of all must accept our mistakes in strategy implementation and leadership, realign priorities and then engage with a common purpose using reason over emotions.

We, the silent majority, we are certainly setting up our building blocks. We are focused on the war and not the battles. And this is about winning the war and not battles. Our plans leading up to 2018 Presidential elections, shall not go unrecognized.

We will use the same old tricks, from their own textbooks, on their own turfs and change the fate of leadership and democracy in Cameroon.

Written by The Great Anonymous.


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  4. Kids are not going to school, businesses loosing money from so called ghost town then the baby boys leaders don't even have a getaway plan. Sorry for y'all in jail, I'm tired me.

    1. Let's all be objective and presenters of news to the people as it is. Can you read the following article and publish it so your readers can understand what is going on in parliament? I hope you are in a good position to have first hand information from your dad who has been the SDF MP for Kumbo Central for more than 10 years ( that means he has had in his disposition 400 million as money for micro projects)
      Cameroon Parliament is a big Scam. Parliament and Senate a waste of tax payers money that can even be abolished as it has no effect on day to day running of the country. If all bills from the presidency have always been voted, I will like to assume that the president is always right. Do we need these spongers called parliamentarians and senators ( those whose jobs seem to be sleeping in the senate house)?

      These 25 members take home close to 300 Million a year. These heartless, selfish leaders have taken government monies to be used for the development of the country and used for their personal development. Look at the roads in Cameroon, look at the health system in Cameroon then look at the earnings of the top 25 members of parliament. This is just the minimum earnings; some of them have dual government positions. While we suffer with poor roads, poor health system, poor education etc these selfish individuals enrich their lives with money for the country. Spending it on hotels with girlfriends, buying houses abroad, sending their kids abroad for studies, building hotels and houses. Please take the time to read below why we suffer in Cameroon and if you know any of these selfish leaders and the many others enjoying our wealth, tell them they shall not go un punished and SHAME SHAME.

      The Speaker of the National Assembly takes home a car allowance of FCFA 80 million, while his immediate Vice pockets FCFA 65 million. The five Vice Presidents each enjoy a car allowance of FCFA 60 million. The four Questors have FCFA 50 million each for their cars, while the 12 Secretaries line their pockets with FCFA 45 million each. The National Assembly bought them ‘Prado Land Cruisers’ in additional to this.

      They all get the following;
      Car Repair Allowance - 1/3 car allowance- after 2 years
      Duty Allowance - 16 Million FCFA Quarterly
      Other Allowance - 12 Million CFA Annually
      Office upkeep - 4 - 5 Million
      Others- Housing, 2 cooks, telephone and fuel
      Kitchen Car-8 Million CFA
      They also go on so many missions and reap huge allowances.
      Their names are;

      1. Hon Cavaye Y Djibril (CPDM-1940) - Speaker of the National Assemble
      2. Etong N Hilarion (CPDM- Centre) Born 1951 - Sr. Vice Pres. National Assemble
      3. Baoro Theophile (CPDM) - Vice Pres. National Assemble
      4. Monjowa Lifaka (CPDM) - Vice Pres. National Assemble
      5. Mbah Ndam (SDF-NWP-1955) - Vice Pres. National Assemble
      6. Kombo Gberi (CPDM) - Vice Pres. National Assemble
      7. Darouo Theodore(CPDM) - Vice Pres. National Assemble
      8. Abba Kabir (CPDM – F. North-1954) - Questors
      9. Mbaya Cyrian (SDF-NWP-1952) - Questors
      10. Ndoumou Pauline (CPDM-Centre-1961) - Questors
      11. Njingum Musa Mbutoh (CPDM-NWP -1960) - Questors

      The following are The Secretaries
      12. Kombo Gberi (CPDM)
      13. Datouo Theodore (CPDM-1947)
      14. Manamouroui Silikam (CPDM)
      15. Nkodo Dang Roger (CPDM- 1945 -F. North)
      16. Djomgouepauleric (CPDM)
      17. Fotso Josephine (CPDM)
      18. Mebande Brigitte (CPDM-East )
      19. Tomanino Ndam Nyoya (UDC)
      20. Amadou Mahaman (UNPD-1944)
      21. Bernard A Foju (CPDM-SWP-1945)
      22. Ngbarou Pierre (CPDM)
      23. Mendoua Celine (CPDM)
      24. Harouna Nyako (CPDM-Nord)
      25. Dooh (CPDM)

  5. I wonder what their so called ambazonia will look like. Full of a lot of drama, the spread of manipulated information, no freedom of speech only their "leaders" have a say, u try to opose n point out mistakes u r labelled a traitor. Seriously lets rethink.

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  8. Great write up. As u rightly said we were lacking in strategy and went to fight a war without strategy. I am particularly happy with the people of #southerncameroons for the fight. #Cameroon has never known any resistance this long and vicious in recent history. Even without a set out initial plan, this resistance has sent out a strong message to the leaders. Administrators from ENAM are told in their training never to give in to the people because it is a sign of weakness (assertions divisional officers,Governors and ministers and even the president hold). Just like Egypt and Tunisia, the #southerncameroon (ian) fight is a a marginalized and abused people's fight. Some argue that it is promoted by the leaders with hidden motives. I strongly disagree with this view. If this fight wasn't a people's fight, it would never have lasted this long. We #southerncameroon (ians) are scoring goals. The LRC government has come to realize that they can't keep toiling with #southerncameroon (ians). I promise the delay in the trial of the arrested leaders is to buy time to kill the strike. As soon as that is done, the LRC government will charge them with some ridiculous charges and put them to jail for a few months or years and release them when they have completely crushed the struggle. I know the people of #southerncameroon will keep up the fight. We need people who can write articles like this. Rational articles like this bring up discussions that will give us #southerncameroon (ians) the ideas we need to defeat this abusive regime. Thanks @kinnaka's Blog