Friday, 10 February 2017

Updates: Protest in Ndop following mass arrest of youths who burned down a Francophone school property (photos)

Yesterday we reported that an angry mob burned down property belonging to a Franchophone school around Ndop. According to unconfirmed sources, a bridge leading to a school was also destroyed by a mob around the same area this yesterday. (Read HERE, if you missed out on the story)
'There is a protest in the area following the arrest of about 24 youths who were involved in the vandalisation of the school property. They was a crowd in front of the police station demanding the release of these youths. The police in Ndop reacted by calling the riot control who arrived in Ndop with guns and tear gas.  Six youths were released but the protested weren't happy. They wanted all the youths released,"  said our source.
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This morning we have been informed by unconfirmed source that the protesters have moved from the police station to the Fon of Bamunka residence because he allegedly ordered the arrest of the youths. The protesters are reportedly demanding the release of all youths in police custody or they will destroy the Fon's buildings. 

According to our our multiple sources, NO ONE HAS BEEN KILLED yet!

See photos below...

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