Friday, 3 February 2017

UNDERSTANDING THE Anglophone Problem – The Source of the Crisis

There is a domino effect that has been set in place. Biya is a mere spoke of the wheel – he is a continuation of a plan that was put in place even before those who attended and ratified the Berlin Conference of 1884 for the division of Africa.

The Berlin conference was never meant to make Africa and Africans strong – but a methodic plan to divide and rule them. A system that will be built with a pyramidal framework with a few interest who will pay allegiance to their masters until their death. A system that will crumble once these leaders think of seizing to pay allegiance to their masters.
The past 50years has witnessed a gradual collapse/submersion of Africa as a whole – infiltration by multinationals and a new wave of emigration to very uncertain territories. The growing youth population of African has had more questions than answers – they have witnesses a declining economic potential despite their growing economic advantages. More and more people are becoming knowledgeable with the growth of social media – a tool that was not envisaged during the Berlin Conference.

From Cameroon’s independence and then to the reunification of The Republic of Cameroon – the country has stood on a limb. The manipulation of President Ahidjo to the subsequent failed attempted strike of 1984, President Biya has been aware that Cameroon will one day seek separation. We can all agree that our pre colonial masters knew it will come to this and so they had made every effort to contain this ahead of our time.

Today, we are still enslaved by the French Franc – a master’s move to keep her slaves captive; religion was then introduced to eradicate our culture and subdue us with the false hope and believes while they continue to take advantage of our ignorance; they instituted an educational curriculum that promotes the West culture more than our own culture – a curriculum that leaves graduates jobless with high desperation to travel abroad for better pastures only to be trapped and stuck in the foreign country –and to die hoping.

Today, there are more foreign investments in our backyards than investments by our kind; we have hated our kind than others and expect more from others than we expect from ourselves and much more. We have lost value in ourselves and the only thing better is that which looks different from us – we have now adopted their skin color, their ways, their lifestyle, their education yet we can never be better in their land unless we move back our lands.

Back in our land – we are not accepted as we should and we remain limited in how much we can accomplish for ourselves and those who will come after us.

So therefore, the real problem is not about the lawyer, the teachers, the politicians – IT IS THE SYSTEM in place. We need an overhaul of the system. I bet even Biya support such an overhaul as much as he will never want to betray those who appointed him PRESIDENT in the first place.

Let’s plan and prepare for 2018 Presidential elections – that is the one time we can bring real change. Let’s plan to be out in our numbers – challenge and change the status quo – introduce the winning strategy like Obama in 2008 – secure the house and now can change the RULES – to assure FREEDOM for all.

We have set a plan in motion – we are in motion to effect the plan.

Written by The Great Anonymous.


  1. Who are u trying to distract from the struggle ? You are an idiot kiki

  2. Hihihihihi,in search for a wider audience. U go shame oooh.ahead ahead. La republique bye bye

  3. Must we always criticise people's idea ? I strongly believe this our struggle is a matter of choice not a must.Now some people behave like robot ,we don't think anymore we just talk n talk n hate others because they have their own Ideas.I think it's bad, we shouldn't choose for others.

  4. According to this narrative, we, including Biya are in a prison planet. But i will refer you to Biya's own writing on how he intends to manage Cameroon in his acclaimed book. It might change your views.

  5. ohh yeah, correct, trade white slavemaster for blackslavemaster.... sorry, fail!!!

  6. Our people dislike education. Thanks kiki