Saturday, 4 February 2017

South West Elites blame North Westerners for the violent strike?

It looks like 'South West Elites' have started the blame game amid ongoing political unrest in the English-speaking regions of Cameroon. According to The Guardian Post newspaper headlines on February 3rd:

"-Chief Atem Ebako says Ghost Town, Lawyers and Teachers strike in South West spearheaded by North Westerners.
-Professor Nalova Lyonga blames 'graffis' for championing violent protests in University of Buea
-Musonge says the time has come for South westerners to fight for themselves
-Chief Tabetando revealed South West Elites advised the government to shut don internet in Anglophojne regions
-Elites say North Westerners should not have allowed South West students in University of Bamenda if University of Buea didn't exist"


  1. Southwest elites na which one?make them go sleep

  2. How much have you been paid to write all this nonsense. We are on the ground and no one is blaming any one. It will be better if you stay quiet

  3. Did you ever know that the more and more you try to crack down a just process the stronger and firmer it becomes.......I guess those fighting against this process are yet to understand that. Keep on spreading false info about a united people for a just course and see what becomes of them tmoro. Seul Dieu a Le dernier mot!