Friday, 3 February 2017

Paul Biya pictured at the tribute ceremony for the victims of the helicopter crash amid reports that he has been admitted in a Psychiatric hospital in Germany (Photos)

For some days now news has been trending on social media that Cameroon's President, Paul Biya has been admitted in a Psychiatric hospital in Germany amid ongoing political unrest in the English-speaking regions of Cameroon. We also saw photos of some Southern Cameroonians allegedly protesting in front of the said hospital in Germany.

Kinnaka's blog can confirm that the news is fake as a very healthy and sane Paul Biya was picture today at the tribute ceremony for the victims of the helicopter crash of 22 January 2017 (Read about the helicopter crash HERE). 

See the photos below...


  1. I don't know if the news was true. But you your conclusion doesn't not support your premises. Seeing a picture does explain someone's health situation. Your conclusion is good for heart thinkers. In order to convince people who use the brain to think, it was better to build good premises to support your claims. Happy error day.

  2. Flight is a matter of hours and not months. Can't he leave the hospital and come back home before the funeral ??? Can you also prove that he has been in Cameroon all along ??? It's high I stop following you. Kinnaka my ass...

  3. Kinnaka again????? When will you learn a lesson????????? true is your pictures? When crtv didn't show any biya at scene. Keep fighting for your dead we will give you in big package

  4. Weeehhh... Papa God. Anyhow, na any man ei neck di carry ei head.

  5. I have been witnessing all the hatred poured on Kiki for her posts. But I should say that kinnaka blog is one for news and information,you can't ask her to take sides in keeping pple informed.when an info is unverified she says it as well as when the info is. Why will she post some and leave out others,is that ethical? And above all you can't force anyone to take part in anything(The Struggle) as much as your rights to take part in a struggle are respected you've got to respect that as well. That said I will wish everyone a happy new month.wink

    1. She's already taking sides. She never post anything that gives a positive impact on the struggle, she's always quick to post those that brings negative impact. Madam Bandy kinnaka being a traitor, a sell out and part of the failed regime will never make be one of the ewondos or betties... and you are a total disgrace to the banso people. Watch out my darling before you live to regret.

  6. I didn't know to live Germany to Cameroon Biya usually trecks