Thursday, 2 February 2017


Was going through my timeline on Facebook, and minding everyone's business as usual when I saw this article...
We the people, took to the streets at the final quarter of 2016 to march the roads against marginalization, favoritism and to welcome ABSOLUTE DEMOCRACY. We the people fought had against OPPRESSION from a government who does not have us in heart. The gods of the social media stood with us, they listened to our sickened voices and gave us the strength we needed to roar like the INDOMITABLE LIONS we represent. The social media showed the world how firm we stood even against BULLETS from our brothers' guns... We want ABSOLUTE DEMOCRACY, YES THIS IS WHAT WE WANT... 
The IRONY to this reality of our time is that we the people are fighting to stop OPPRESSION BY BECOMING THE OPPRESSOR. We call on the International Community to come to our aid: ICJ, UNO, AU, UNESCO, USA, UK, etc., by all means possible. We the people, in our Quest for a better life, stayed disguised to others that in the end became disguised to our own selves. We took to the Social Media requesting for Democracy, but in the process forgetting the very definition of the word DEMOCRACY... "EVERYONE HAS GOT A POINT, IT MUST NOT BE YOUR OWN". We the people THREATENED all those with OPPOSING VIEWS. We the people forcefully requested that fellow citizens and their families be KILLED via Facebook, Whatsapp, Wechat, Instagram, etc. for not BELIEVING IN OUR COURSE...  
We the people Despite having enough reasons to be disgruntled at the current regime have proven beyond REASONABLE DOUBTS that WE ARE NOT DIFFERENT FROM THE OPPRESSOR... REMEMBER, NOTHING you post on Facebook is actually DELETED... It will come hunting you... If Clinton's emails could actually be recovered after all the TECH used to erase them...Then, We the people cannot, and should not be proud of ourselves, for many futures are stained. If We the people are fighting for a future, what will that future be? Absolute DICTATORSHIP?... It's time to REFLECT, APOLOGIZE TO YOURSELF, and MOVE ON. BE THE CHANGE YOU SO MUCH DESIRE. 2018 is around the CORNER, PROOF YOURSELF WRONG BY STANDING FOR CHANGE AND VOTING A NEW GOVERNMENT. IT STARTS WITH YOU, NO ONE ELSE. 
Written by NKOH J. N. for M.C Media


  1. Spot on. The simple truth behind the matter at hand is that very few amongst the numbers understand the severe complexity of the matters at hand. Rushing to actions driven by emotions is as normal but let's struggle towards getting and spreading focused and legit education on this situation before making any step towards change.