Saturday, 11 February 2017

Fake news circulating about a Parish priest's arrest in Jakiri

Kinnaka's Blog has been reliably informed that the news circulating about the arrest of the Parish priest of Christ the king catholic church is fake! According to our source:
"What happens was that My Shiyla Aloysius who is the Vice Principle and Parish Council Chair Person was removed from church while the morning mass was going on and taken to 'Companie' in Kumbo. He was arrested along side Mr Ayeni Hycent, Mr Tani all Discipline Masters and Mr Tangko Blaise a physics teacher. These other people where arrested from their respective homes at 5.30am. After the mass the Parish Priest of Jakiri went to kumbo where they his parish council chair person was locked up to demand for their release. Wasn't the only one demanding for his release as the principle of GBHS Jakiri and the Divisional Delegate for Bui also joined him to demand for his release. However they where not release as from 'Companie'. It is alleged that they intimidated and send back students who came to school and also campaign in their respective quarters for parents not to send children to school."

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