Thursday, 9 February 2017

Chantal Biya's 'Pricey' Gucci Bag Causes Social Media Storm

A red Sylvie Gucci Signature handbag toted by the wife of the president, Mrs. Chantal Biya, has caused a social media storm, as Cameroonians took to different social media platforms to express their mixed feelings.

Mrs. Biya was spotted with the Gucci, which cost £2070 (about FCfa 1,597,018.80), at the reception in honour of the Indomitable Lions at Unity Palace, yesterday. Given the political unrest the English-speaking regions of Cameroon are currently facing, the news of Mrs. Biya toting the Sylvie Gucci Signature bag provided fodder for controversy.

While most on social media expressed outrage at the cost of the bag, there were others who supported her for being stylish, while they were those who say she deserves it as the wife of a President.


  1. Its only $2000 ...i think she has a right to have it. Even my girl has it so how bout her

  2. Damn...u approving comments now? Bloggin is supposed to be whatever

  3. That's her business, I don't think as a first lady money is her problem...unfortunately first ladies in most African nations have access to almost unlimited funds at their disposal and somebody like Chanto with a very high taste of the finer things in life getting a high price Gucci bag only seems logical!

  4. Wati concern we with e bag n our struggle rubish