Saturday, 4 February 2017

Askia slams blogger who called her out for promoting 11th of February concert amid ongoing political unrest

The political unrest in the English-speaking region of Cameroon has left most people reeling with emotions! Top Cameroonian female rapper Askia, took to Facebook to slam a USA-based blogger who called her out, for promoting a concert scheduled for February 11, 2017. 

Blogger, Mabelle Boma thinks the Anglophone artistes shouldn't celebrate the 11th of February (Ms. Boma mixed it up as the concert actually scheduled for February 4th not 11th) by performing at a concert amid political unrest in the region. Askia thinks otherwise. 

See what they both posted below...

The blogger posted....

Askia replied...


  1. Thank you Askia, I have been waiting for this incredible response to that horrible post she did.

    1. Kiki the great anonymous

  2. Kiki this is your best time. When your fellow bloggers are being criticised and are experiencing the consequences of their mistakes and bad decisions. Others are calling you out too. Bobolo d kosh koki. You will take an award. Most jealous blogger and most hated blogger. Got a big log of wood on ur eyes. Deal with yourself.
    U losing ur guys.

  3. 2 wrongs never make it right, I feel u all; Mabelle and Askia we all belong together and the Amberzonian spirit dwells in us. Make we no di hala hala my sister dem. Our asses will all get old at some point, dat one be sure but make we gear all dis effort towards our quest for Justice and equality. I know say all we don di fight, I no di doubt we how far and I be sure say we go get to an expected end. Longline the Amberzonian Spirit.

  4. Askia your respond makes nosense . i have an eyes watching at you guys doing shows in this period of time in our struggle for freedom.I remembered one artist from bda died in this struggle for everyone sake . but some of you gguys didn't sympathize with his crew or neither talk bout. I knw as a result of all this is HUNGER killing u guys/ Imma an Artist too but i struggle so hard to be an Independence Artist to take care of myself not shows n gate fees to feeds me n family. Askia Unno big ups unno self suh hunger nuh a gwaan kill unno fi a week.Unno apologize to unno FANS Dem there're the people to help unno grow inna dis game.Respect your Fans.Weaklings

  5. What is up with females and cat fights? Askia darling, u dont call ur fellow woman names cuz bitch you young buh old and you gonna look like great granny when you reach Maybelle,s age hoe!you act like you re nicky minaj bitch but Tilla is your cane bitch.i feel you sister but you don't go below the belt with another sister like that jus stay on your lane and keep grinning.