Friday, 3 February 2017

A Theory of Change in Cameroon – A Different Perspective

How about if we taxed the churches?????

The church in Cameroon is more of a cancer than a cure – we now have a population that believes and depends on God with less regard on their own individual efforts. As such we have become a population that believes in change but depend on God to bring change.
If churches are taxed and required to institute a CSR component they will have a huge impact in communities and members who are totally dependent on the church for change. Therefore the church invest in nurturing minds and engaging them in proactive activities that seek to bring forth GOODWILL.

I strongly believe that if we nurture minds to do GOOD, we will not need the army or the police, we will not need lawyers and courts, we will go back to our traditional council models where we are judged based on values and virtues of the community rather than by rules and regulations set by a foreign body used as ammeter stick for right and wrong.

The recent uprising in Cameroon is simply a spark of the anger that sits in the minds of many - most of them unaware of the real realities but due to frustrations and misinformation, have joined a fight that only fuels the flame.

It is true that to make omelets, we must break eggs but may be we do not really need eggs in the first place. As humans we have adapted to the various environments we have found ourselves in. But for most of us Cameroonians, we continue to refuse to see this adaption. Many who are doing okay have gone through this adaptation.

For more than 34 years, President Biya has been aware that Cameroon will one day seek separation – a plan that was put in place by the pre-colonial masters – they divided us – a class A dictatorship model meant to create multiple heads who can be set to collide against one another. Biya did inherit the system and adapted to playing by what is needed to keep the pyramid from collapsing. So, for 34 years, he has known and was has been prepared for an uprising that will seek a split.

Biya did not learn leadership and was never trained or prepared for this position. He was neither prepared to last this long considering the history of his predecessor and others like him. He has merely adapted to what history has been since he took power. He could also be worried about who takes over from him – what becomes of him – what becomes of his family and the country? Will it become like Egypt, Afghanistan or Syria.

There are many ways to arrive at the stream – the only difference is the collateral damage involved on our way there. We have witnessed so much blood from neighboring countries to want any more blood on our soil. We can not go into a gun fight with our fist – we have seen this before.

Think of those who will lose income, lose a life, lose a community, lose a dream – the odds are on our side. Anglophone or Francophone – we are ONE. We have been collectively instrumental in building the country and the country belongs to us all.

Lets let our parents fight the fight in their one way – POLITICS. We can do better than fighting among ourselves – The WEST can only watch – they are watching at us and laughing – especially when we call on them to solve the problem they set in motion. THEY have no interest in solving the problem – they have no interest in setting us FREE in the first place.

We should introduce a new way of wining - by doing good. There is so much evil in the country – the only way to eliminate that is to invite good and good will – someday, it is imperative that more good than bad will reign. This is why I believe that taxing the churches will make them upgrade their curriculum in teaching a mindset that will make the church establishment a sustainable venture.

Written by The Great Anonymous.


  1. Just as you believe in Ekema, who is taking you about it apart from you and Ekema disgracing yourselves. Shame on you

  2. So much evil that people like you and Ekema have is just more than any evil.. Only God will fight you two. Leave our parents out of this because I believe your own parents will be so ashamed to call you one of their child. They wish they had aborted you