Wednesday, 11 January 2017

President Obama Groomsmen in Aide's Wedding (Photos)

Over the weekend, President Obama stepped into a new role: commander-in-groomsman (which is not actually a thing, but sounds legit) at the wedding of his longtime aide and golf partner, Marvin Nicholson.

Obama made the ultimate best man at the private Jacksonville, Florida wedding between Nicholson and Helen Pajcic, who works for the Department of Education, on Saturday.

But Obama wasn't the only politician on stage during the ceremony. Secretary of State John Kerry was also there to officiate the wedding. 

The world will definitely miss Obama. He is such a humble and great man!


  1. I tell u ooo my dear. Obama Is the best leader that I know in the 21st century

  2. who will miss him an idiot... he should give us back our Gadaffi and stop rapping Africa.... he is such an idiot...