Sunday, 22 January 2017

'Women are queens, queens are taken care of, queens don't fight' - Dencia slams the Women's March

On Saturday, hundreds of thousands of men and women descended into Washington, meeting in the national mall to show their support for women's rights a day after President Donald Trump was inaugurated. Some voiced their opposition to the new president. Cameroonian singer, Dencia, however disagreed with the march and voiced her opinion against it. See more of her tweets after the cut...


  1. Who the hell is Dencia? never heard of her before, is she a musician or Nigerian actress. I don't think more than a million women could be wrong on what they are advocating! I hope you are not trying to be heard!

    1. She is a true definition of inspiration. A dreamer who put all odds aside and worked effortlessly towards achieving huge success in her own right!! Get to know about her. Cameroon, lets learn to give respect where it is due and learn to avoid pressing on the negatives.

    2. Respect who ,I like her but respect and role model is too much to talk about ,talk about over stretch