Friday, 27 January 2017

"There are many ongoing projects designed to promote social #progress and #prosperity in our country" - President Biya to Cameroonians

It looks like the ongoing strike in the English-speaking region of Cameroon has unlocked Biya's 'Facebook skills.' The President took to Facebook this evening to post the following message to Cameroonians...

"There are many ongoing projects designed to promote social #progress and #prosperity in our country. Our assets are known to all. However, we are still having difficulty unlocking our potential. We should remove such obstacles and create a sound and attractive business environment that accelerates progress in our country by aligning with the appropriate global dynamics. Responsibility here lies with the government. I will see to it resolutely."


  1. are you waking from sleep. do you realize you have been in power for more than 34 years? is it now you are thinking about such fake projects.

  2. I beg make man no vex me want ask some questions.
    1) This our so call president di post for Facebook from wHicham country?
    2) He di post for Facebook make na who dem read the post after he don deprive more than 8 million people from getting access to the Internet?
    3) Which fucked progress and prosperity weh he di talk about?
    Make ei carry ei self come back for ei country came face the wahala not giving false promises cuz we don tire this lies.

  3. This blogger is a traitor. You and your sister want to leave this world before time. Keep on post Shit. The blood of those who have been killed will hunt u down.