Friday, 27 January 2017

Cameroon warning on ‘fake’ news

Authorities in Cameroon have started sending text messages to mobile phone users across the country warning people to stop spreading “fake” news, reports the BBC Hausa service’s Muhamman Babalala from the capital, Yaounde.

This is coming as the International Federation of Journalists (IFJ) denounced the head of the state-linked National Council of Communication for threatening to close down media which talked about the troubles in English-speaking parts of Cameroon.

The areas have been hit by a wave of protests over what people say is an attempt to impose French on them in schools and in the courts.

Cameroon was colonised by Germany in the 19th Century and then split into British and French areas after World War One.

Later, areas controlled by Britain and France joined to form Cameroon after the colonial powers withdrew in the 1960s.

Most people in the central African state speak French.



  1. Kiki wen did you lastly visit home? I'm sure you have little or no idea of what is actually happening so I see why you can make the statement "what people say is an attempt to impose French on them in schools and in the courts". My dear try to pay more attention to the details of what is happening home rather than feeding us with irrelevant informations here.
    By now you should have known who are your readers(buyers) cuz I can see you areally a bad business lady.
    You better sit up

  2. Just checked President Trumps tweeter feed and ain't no such tweet sent out.