Thursday, 12 January 2017

Russian government allegedly in possession of compromising material on Donald Trump

Russian operatives reportedly compiled salacious information about Donald Trump, and are said to have communicated with his campaign throughout the election, according to a highly classified addendum to the intelligence report about alleged Kremlin-ordered hacking, delivered to President Barack Obama and the President-elect.

Intelligence officials attached a two-page synopsis of the apparent findings to the highly classified report to illustrate the harm Russian operatives intended to inflict upon both American parties; and to bring the allegations that are circulating among the intelligence community to Mr Trump’s attention.

The documents also allege communication between Mr Trump campaign officials and members of the Russian government throughout the election, anonymous national security sources told CNN.

The allegations were included in a series of memos compiled by a person claiming to be a British intelligence official who has worked with the United States in the past.

The memos compiled – from which the synopsis drew – first originated as oppositional research against Mr Trump by Republicans and Democrats who opposed his candidacy. They hired the former MI6 agent who had served in Russia during the 1990s. His investigation into the New York businessman started during the GOP primaries, and funded by groups supporting Republican opposition. Then liberal groups and donors took up funding the investigation once Mr Trump became the presidential nominee.

Much like the declassified report released on Friday, the synopsis did not include details about sources or methods.

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