Tuesday, 24 January 2017

"OUR EMPLOYEES ARE THREATENING US!" - Bergeline Domou writes in an open letter

As written by Deputy Secretary General of the Cameroon's People's Party (CPP), Bergeline Domou amid ongoing political unrest in the English-speaking parts of Cameroon:
We, the shareholders and owners of the company called Cameroon have hired some employees to help us manage our company. 
We left these employees without supervision, without asking for accounts, without auditing the bank accounts and without insuring that goals are achieved for so long (34 years) that today they are completely confused about their role and ours. 
Our employee, the Minister of Communication, barks, lies blatantly and amuses himself by threatening us every time we dare to criticise the way the company is managed.
Our employee, the Minister of Health, threatens shareholders who ask him to better manage the sector where he is in charge and on which our lives depend.

Our employee, the Minister of Posts and Telecommunications, cannot even be troubled to call for a press conference. She sends us threatening tweets and messages.
To top it all, the General Manager whom we have hired to coordinate these activities spends his time in another company (Switzerland) where we are neither shareholders, nor owners, nor even committed observers.

A few years ago the shareholders of the Far North were subject to a “hostile takeover”. More than a thousand of them died.
The GM did not find it within himself to go to the field, neither to supervise operations, nor even to be bothered to console those shareholders and to express his sympathy.
For more than 3 months the shareholders of the Southwest and Northwest who joined us through a merger of our two corporations, have been expressing their dissatisfaction about the management of our corporation.

They are tired of this horrible management, absence of accountability and the non-representation of their region in the administration of the corporation. Their grievances have reached the point where they were ready to sell their shares and leave the company.
In the other seven regions, all the shareholders are complaining. No one is receiving the services of the company, let alone its dividends.

Dear shareholders, this company belong to us. Are we going to let it go bankrupt? Are we going to continue to expose ourselves to “hostile takeovers? Are we going to continue seeing the value of our shares diminish, or disappear on the continental and international markets?
We are the shareholders. They are the employees! Let each one of us play his/her role. We must sack the entire staff, rewrite the rules and management procedures of our company and recruit a competent and ambitious new team.

The survival of our company depends on it. Our own survival depends on it.
Let’s get to work!

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