Monday, 30 January 2017

Nurses fined for celebrating New year with cakes decorated like vaginas (Photos)

Doctors and nurses in a gynaecology unit in Macedonia were fined after celebrating the Orthodox Christian New Year with cupcakes decorated to look like vaginas. Bosses at the hospital in Stip fined the medics 30 per cent of their month's salary and said their behaviour was disrespectful to patients.
The scandal was discovered when an employee posted pictures of the party on social media.
Employees were also caught drinking alcohol, which is banned in the hospital.

The medical staff's Santa Claus hats were also said to be inappropriate.

The staff member who posted the pictures wrote: 'We thank you for the beautiful and original muffins that were the mascot of our gynaecological and obstetric departments.
'In addition to a long day, we managed to gather and celebrate the Orthodox New Year.'

The decision to fine the staff was made by the hospital's finance manager Elizabeta Paparova, along with a disciplinary committee.
Mrs Paparova said: 'After the investigation, there was a recommendation to the director of the hospital that the doctors and the nurses seen on the pictures are to be fined.'

Source: Daily Mail

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