Friday, 6 January 2017

North West Elites sign a communiqué calling for an effective back to school on Monday 9th January 2017

According to CRTV reports, the elites of the North West region accompanied by Senators and Members of Parliament have signed a communiqué calling for an effective back to school on Monday 9th January 2017.

In the communique published this 4th January 2017, the elites argued that an unending protest shall compromise the future of children in the English-speaking part of the country.

The communique further noted that President Paul Biya’s request for an honest dialogue between the protesting groups and the government is an indication that he is seeking a lasting solution to the problems raised.

The document further outlines measures currently taken by the government to address the worries of the protesting teachers and lawyers of the common law background.


  1. Their mami them. Our futures had already been jeopadized. Where were these so called yaounde based elites when students were beaten up in Buea. None of them said a word. Have they for once ever written a memorandum to the Government on the bad state of the Bamenda- 'Mbouda road and general state of roads in a town like Bamenda? Its no secret they care less about us except when they want to use us for political gains. But thats history now. We are up to something and we MUST get it.

  2. hahahaha, extremists will do wonders, desperate measures. the struggle continues

  3. I guess that so called communique is just another strategy. Which children are they fighting for?
    We were once children but our own future was jeapadized so we need to correct now. Let the so called elites come and go to school. Their stomaches are full, why won't they want students to go back to school?

  4. These are not Elite please we call them PRIVILEGED SLAVES OF LA REPUBLIQUE DU CAMEROUN

  5. Crtv should be the last resort when it comes to getting information...........