Sunday, 22 January 2017

Navigating the Anglophone Crisis

It is said that to better have a winning strategy, is to be better informed.

In recent months, Cameroon, especially West Cameroon has experienced an array of unrest that has led to the current demise – the internet disconnection, the shutting down of schools, the closing down of offices and in general – the economic stalemate experienced by ghost town effects.

This was ignited by a quest from teachers and lawyers with respect to reforms in their various professional affiliations. The possibility for a mutual negotiation was yet to be reached but the demands from the civil side and response from the administrative side ended the negotiations in the premature manner that exists today.

In desperation to get the economy booming again, the government disqualifies and then orchestrates the arrest of civil leaders who had been involved in the negotiation process as well as in the civil disobedience exercise.

In this very succinct editorial piece, we want to find out : How we could be involved in changing the course of this process; What we did wrong or could do right to change the fate of this struggle; What do we foresee will happen in the days/months ahead?


  1. Where is the rest of the article ?

  2. now u R saying good infos instead of concentrating on Western shit!!!and celeb

  3. Too late but not bad,, I was tired of the the shit she was postings😖 seemed to have lost track.
    Does the Kardashians even know People die in West Cameroon??

    It's such a shame that you got lost along the way reporting sparingly on the Struggle of Southern Cameroons.. You need to up your game. See what other Anglophone blogs are doing, even Nigerians report about things happenx in Cameroon better than you do. Brrrrr wake up and all those Anglo Celebrities they are a disgrace....

    1. What do you think this is? A political blog? I understand the concept of blogging is new to Cameroonians that is why y'all behaving like illiterates. If you ask me Kiki is trying to do as much as she can during this crisis. It is not like she has not been reporting it. She created the #Notomarginalisation hashtag if my memory is current. The other day I saw Cameroonians giving a fashion blogger grieve and asking her why she is not talking about the strike. Like for real?

    2. And Bandy kiki be acting like she wanna b a blogger now.....tsuipps....too late....u can go on blogging shit on how western celebrities live their lives....

  4. Well kiki you now have all the attention . Please be advised you are the most popular blogger in Ambazonia , kiki please we need you , help us spray the news, I know it would be very dangerous for you to involve your love ones back home but please spray the news . I mean you need to see how all those francophone bloggers are giving us insults online and it makes me bleed and cry knowing that kiki can't say anything as of now , I know you have been trying by posting on instagram but please post more on your block and fear no harm or even try to put something like a debate we can all talk one . Kiki there have been no the in my life without browsing through your blog , please help , be like Linda ikeji I know you are more than her

  5. Am disappointed in you Kiki.Your blog should have been flooding with Southern Cameroon problems.You concerntrate on issues that don't even concern you.

  6. Keep blogging all this western shit while your people are dying...kardashian booty, Kylie ass ...... rubbish

  7. Is it this girl I heard accused Mark Bareta on a PUBLIC FACEBOOK post?!

    Well madam you don't necessarily need to expose your jealousy in the open like that...

    Mark is fighting a noble cause that's why he got a number of followers you will never get in 10 years of your entire blogging career. You want more followers? Then fight too for a noble cause. Do like Mark Bareta.

    Some of you are unworthy Cameroonians.
    You hypocrite and traitor.

    Let me notice you speak Ill of West Cameroon again for whatever reason.

    You strip naked for money but you will never strip naked to save people's lives. You neither have a child nor a sister so I understand your stupidity.
    Or maybe you are just the selfish breed.

    Traitor. Is it now you want to start posting or reacting to the anglophone crisis?

    We do not need you. I repeat that we do not need you.

    1. You my friend are a disgrace to human values. Listen, Mark Bareta should not sit in the comfort of his house in America and promote bigotry.

      If you and him believe that asking woment to protest naked is the right thing to do, then please you and him should take your mothers, wives/girlfriends,daughters...etc and make them to start protesting naked. I promise you the others will join. If they dont then dont blame yourself.

      If in all of this, we cant uphold the dignity of our mothers and younger sisters then what are we fighting for? By the time the movement is over, we will have the lost all our dignity. What is a nation without its pride?

      Kiki never said she against the struggle but there are definitely many ways to fight a war. In case you are not aware, the art of war by san tzu will be a good piece to start reading.

      Even in America n Europe where women marchs are going on against Trump, no one has asked them to walk naked.

      So if u think that doing so is right, then you are the problem and proof why we are headed in the wrong direction with this struggle.

      By the way, why dont you ask all men to go protest naked to? Arent they part of the struggle?

  8. A whole lot of people are asking why the "francophones" are not supporting the movement. The answer is simple. The so called consortium is the problem. They labelled it as an "anglophone" problem which in itself is divisive. Do we have such a problem. YES. But is it the main problem? NO.

    if the consortium called for leadership changes and labelled it as such, which is the main problem. There are regions like the north still grieved by the exile of the corpse of President Ahidjo who would support the movement.

    In my humble opinion, the right war is being faught for the wrong reasons. A true leader seeks to unite and not divide.

    Finally, the call for seccession is the most stupid of all. Either the the consortium is counting on the fact that the populus is misinformed/uninformed or the are themselves mis/uninformed. First, there is no precedence set for seccession in recent history. Sudan and south sudan are perfect examples. Is south sudan better off today? NO. In region plagued by the crisis of terrorism, the consortium as well as the government should know that hate speech and and anger are the perfect breathing ground for terrorist recruitment.

    San Tzu once said "The opportunity of protecting ourselves from defeat lies in our own hands but the opportunity to defeat the enemy is provided by the enemy himself. A good leader knows when to retreat and when to attack. For it is better to retreat and stage a comeback than to let the taste of war lead one to a sour defeat"

    I rest my case....