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Miss Cameroun 2016, Julie Frankline Cheugueu writes open letter to Cameroonians

As posted by the vocal Miss Cameroun 2016, Julie Frankline Cheugueu on social media: 

Dear "Standers" who support me day and night even before the historic turning point of 30 July 2016; dear young cameroonian women friends of the same social fate; dear young cameroonian brothers protectors of your nation; dear elders in the construction of a Cameroon standing and proud; dear parents who have taught your children to the dignity, perseverance and innovation; dear grandparents who preceded us in the den of Cameroon and who have given us the legacy of the indomitable lions, untamable lionesses, it is To each one of you that I address this letter.
On 30 July 2016, thanks to your strategic advice, thanks to your encouragement, thanks to your votes I've had the great honour of being elected miss Cameroon 2016. an election that I greeted with a lot of joy and especially A lot of serious, because I understood then that cameroonians had chosen me for a collective goal, or even national and international. My only and modest person wasn't in the centre of my project, but it's the Cameroon, the great Cameroon, children and women of Cameroon, it's them who were, are and will always be at the centre of my project. I have so been honored by your election that I could only give me in return for our children, our youth and our women. A choice which had not opposed to the sovereign missions a miss according to the "code of conduct" that the comica had done to me signed on the eve of the competition. But the legal craftiness and the media lie which were held on 26 January 2017 clearly shows that the club of comica serves its own and not the one of the great Cameroon.
I don't write to you to relay what I consider as a non-event. I wish above all you reaffirm what I promised you on 30 July 2016 during my speech, what I've reiterated on 28 November 2016 in my press release: I'm Julie Frankline Cheugueu, miss Cameroon 2016; I don't think I'll become that little thing if i leaned on my pride; I don't think I'll become that little thing if i leaned on the ambitions of commercial and immoral comica; but I've become The woman that I am because I support on an entire people. I was chosen by the votes of cameroonians; until proven otherwise, the comica has not demonstrated conclusively what he blames me for enough to deliver me a virulent vendetta and to the point of pretending to impeach me a legitimacy that I To the people of Cameroon. This attitude of comica that lasts for more than a decade; this attitude of comica who took more than 5 Miss Cameroon and many dauphines who, forced, harassed and fell bruised arms and disappeared from the face of the people who Had elected; this attitude of comica demonstrates that there is a " little Cameroon " and a " great cameroon ". 
The little Cameroon is the group of a few people who, thinking they can play of the people, gather in a small room, with a small number of people and small personal ambitions, in order to appoint a person like their miss to them .
The Great Cameroon is the enormous crowd of people who we're doing the displacement of the palace of Congress on 30 July 2016; the great cameroon is the millions of cameroonians who voted that day; the great cameroon is the Thousands of cameroonians who support and accompany my actions and my projects on a daily basis; but above all, the great cameroon it's all the people of kolofata raid to moloundou, bamenda to yokadouma, and this great cameroon has chosen a miss that nobody Can withdraw; not even myself.
Thus, by the manoeuvres of the comica, the disorder is sown in our nation. I wouldn't want you to be troubled, that's why I'm telling you all this: there is the miss du petit Cameroon that the comica uses as commercial label sometimes here, sometimes there for the selfish interests of a few people; and there At the miss grand Cameroon whom people call, hosts, send and support as a citizen and social banner to go up to kolofata raid spending new year with the families victims of the horrors of Boko-Haram and give them his time, his love and donations Of the people. 
There's the miss du petit Cameroon named by a committee of a few people who have taken hostage the future of young woman of Cameroon, who claim to be only legislators and accountants of the morality of the wife of Cameroon and that send to their guise çà-and - here the miss and the dauphines for competitions whose credit is only counted for their own interests; and there is the miss grand Cameroon supported by the people, crowned by the smiles and the support of the people because she's a lioness Indomitable, image of a cameroonian youth who refuses that its values and its future will be confiscated by a few individuals in the pursuit of profit. 
There's the miss du petit Cameroon who just wants to be miss for her and for the comica; and there is the miss grand Cameroon who is miss that for every young is the change he wishes, a miss who is miss for Help the children weakened, young people who seek hope and abandoned women. 
And I would like to tell you dear compatriots, fans, friends of the same social fate, brothers protectors, elders, parents and grandparents: I don't struggle for the insignificant title of miss little Cameroon, because you have made me the miss grand Cameroon. History will show that the miss cameroon elected on 30 July 2016 by the people, Julie Frankline Cheugueu, has become thanks to you miss big Cameroon; crowned by the support of the great people and wrapped the scarf of change. 
The movement "Let's be the change" that I am wearing has seen its ranks grow considerably in recent months. This Association has been created for that my compatriots understand that each, with the talent that he can help children weakened, young people in search of future and the abandoned women; I've got my inner and outer beauty; everyone can put the Talent he possesses. "let us be the change" this is the voice of a youth that wants to act with its own means and help the great cameroon to emerge. This combination is worn by cameroonians faithful, brave, talented and above all humble. They are with me here in douala, they are to yaounde, Buea, bamenda, dschang, maroua; they are in England, Morocco, USA, Brazil, China and much more. They believed in months from the beginning and federated themselves to back me up and work with me. We work permanently, sometimes 24 hours a day, 24 for a single goal, power to bring hope to the children weakened, to the student youth and women weak. For them and for you, I must continue my program.
After our visit to kolofata raid which was very well spent as you know, we plan to organize a charity match in douala on the occasion of the world day of sport feminine; a moment that we will also talk about the cancer which commemorates the fight On the same day; I hope you see many and many in the small field of bonamoussadi, Saturday on 04 February 2017 at 13 pm. This match will also serve as a launch ceremony of the caravan of Entrepreneurship 2017 that we prepare since December 2016 and the first of which breakpoint will take place during the week of the youth. Other actions and other projects are already in the program and we will inform you through the media that I want to thank for their support and the vision; you will also find my calendar and the program of let's be the change on my facebook page " Julie frankline cheugueu , miss Cameroon 2016 ". a web site is currently under construction and will be opened on 1 February at the addresses and, the two converging pointing towards the same website. 
Dear "Standers" who support me relentlessly since 30 July 2016; dear young women friends of the same social fate in this country; dear young brothers cameroonians artisans of our nation; dear elders in the construction of this great Cameroon Kingdom , standing and proud; dear parents and grandparents, for you and with you I will continue this project of life. For you and with you I will be of little people to tie me up to the great people that you are all. Housewives, young thirsty of innovation and enterprise, Bayam-Sellam, civil servants, students, farmers, students, artists, inhabitants of our cities and the inhabitants of our villages, anglophones and francophones, you're the great Cameroon and me, I will continue To be your miss. 
Let us not wait for the change, let's be the change, together we stand.Done at douala on 28 January 2017
Julie frankline cheugueu

Miss Cameroon 2016

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  1. Wona don see Waiti? Blood for all Southern Cameroonian them wey wona don killam go continue for de climb for wona head so. Wona go continue for fight this we get our complete independence.