Monday, 2 January 2017

Kenyan woman angry after her witch doctor failed to deliver husband in 2016 as he promised (video)

A Kenyan lady is angry with her witch doctor who promised her a husband and wedding in 2016, but it’s now 2017 and she’s very much single.

In a clip posted online the unhappy woman identified the witch doctor as Abdalla Coke and narrated how she paid a fortune to the witch doctor who claimed to have been trained at Simba Wanga in Tanzania.

According to her, the witch doctor asked her to bring things like dust from a Modern Coast bus that passes along Voi (a town in Kenya), ants suffering from rickets and an arrogant hen (yes I know it's absurd).

Even after bringing everything the witch doctor had asked, she failed to get a husband.

The angry woman demanded her money back from the witch doctor or she will take action against him.

What were you promised in 2016 and you still waiting for it in 2017?

Watch the interesting clip below:

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