Monday, 23 January 2017

'It is not forbidden to voice any concerns in the Republic' - Biya to Southern Cameroonians

President Paul Biya, took to Facebook to send a brief but clear message to Southern Cameroons amid ongoing protest in the region. He wrote: 
"It is not forbidden to voice any concerns in the Republic. However, nothing great can be achieved by using verbal excesses, street violence, and defying authority. Lasting solutions to problems can be found only through peaceful dialogue."
Protests started in October 2016, when a group of English speaking lawyers took to the streets of Bamenda to protest against the use of French in courts and the lack of English versions of some legal acts and codes.

Demonstrations continued throughout November 2016 with lawyers striking in both the Northwest and Southwest, amid allegations the Cameroonian police "used tear gas to disperse" the lawyers.

The alleged police reaction sparked further demonstrations in Southern Cameroon. Some groups also called for the independence of the Southern Cameroon.


  1. Dialogue can only be peace if representatives of the grieving parties are not being arrested. Hypocrite!!!

  2. So Biya is talking to the nation via Facebook now, very interesting. I am sure Brenda or Chanto is behind Daddy using social media to torch base!