Tuesday, 17 January 2017

FCfa 40.5 million per player if the Indomitable Lions win the 2017 AfCON in Gabon

The Cameroonian Federation of Football (Fecafoot) published on 12 January 2017 a communiqué setting the structure for the bonuses of the Indomitable Lions of Cameroon as part of their participation in the Africa Cup of Nations (AfCON) being played in Gabon since 14 January, and until 5 February.
The Lions will therefore benefit from a show up premium of FCfa 500,000. The bonus for the qualification is FCfa 15 million. In the event they reach the quarter-finals, every player will receive FCfa 27.5 million. For a semi-final qualification, every footballer will be entitled to a cumulated FCfa 30.5 million. If the Indomitable Lions get a spot in the final, each one of them will receive a cumulated total of FCfa 35.5 million. And if Cameroon wins the final, every player will get in total FCfa 40.5 million.

The players and management have collectively decided that bonuses will not be set per match, but rather per objective. On 12 January 2017, each Lion received the attendance and qualification premium, thus FCfa 15.5 million globally. Let us recall that the Cameroonian team drew (1-1) during its first match in Libreville against the Burkinabe team. The next game for the Lions is scheduled for 18 January against Guinea-Bissau.


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