Thursday, 26 January 2017

Fans put Mr Leo on blast for promoting upcoming concert amid Anglophone crises

Afro Soul singer Mr Leo is in trouble with his fans! The 'E go Beta' singer came under fire when he posted a flyer of an up coming concert in Douala on February 4, 2017, amid ongoing political unrest in the English-speaking part of Cameroon where he is from.

Check out the comments from fans below...


  1. I personally see nothing wrong with him promotion his upcoming concert. Lets be realistic. Its same thing like saying thoes of us promoting or talking about the strike online should quit our jobs. This can never be possible. Let sleeping dogs lie, so that they can wake up to some food. Plus, don't judge others, bcos we never know how one is surviving during these hard times. He can choose to talk on stage just like lady ponce did, how about that?? Why are some people so negative? Good can come out of anything, u may never know xcept u shut up and find out. Do not blurr your vision...

    1. No you're wrong ... You are not a public figure ... It happens everywhere. Musicians during a struggle communicate with music. Musicians in south Africa did a lot during the apartheid.
      The problem with leo and his house Alfa Beta records is the fear of marginalisation...
      Thats why the coin all their songs or francophonise the songs ... In other words their action now is implying a care free attitude! Telling west Cameroonians you are not even our market !

    2. Thanks Adele-Clarice. With the negativity I see going on, we risk throwing the baby away with the bath water.