Wednesday, 18 January 2017

'Deny men sex' if they don't register to vote, Kenyan MP tells women

A female member of parliament in Kenya, Mishi Mboko, has reportedly urged women in opposition strongholds to deny men sex if they don't register to vote in the upcoming elections.

Kenya's election commission on Monday began a national drive to register millions of new voters ahead of the August presidential poll, with rival parties encouraging their supporters to sign up on time.
Kenyans were set to go to the polls on August 8 in what was believed to be a hard-fought general election decided in large part by the core support of candidates' ethnic constituencies.

According to Standard, Mboko urged women to deny their spouses conjugal rights to force them to register to vote.

Mboko said this while speaking in the coastal region of Mombasa where she handed out cheques to women and youth self-help groups.

She said sex was a powerful weapon to make reluctant men rush to register as voters.

"Women this is the strategy you should adopt. It is the best. Deny them sex until they show you their voter’s card," Mboko was quoted as saying.

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