Friday, 20 January 2017

Dencia fiercely defends Whitenicious on UK’s Channel 4 News & gets into a Twitter Fight with the Show’s Second Guest

Singer Dencia is one to quickly defend her product Whitenicious, often correcting people that it is not a skin lightening product but a dark spot remover.

After being featured back in 2014 on UK’s Channel 4 News to talk about her skin lightening products, she was again featured recently to talk about the effects of skin lightening alongside comedian and journalist Ava Vidal and the show got pretty hot.

Watch a clip below.
After Channel 4 tweeted the clip above, things got pretty heated between Dencia and Ava with Ava calling Dencia “intellectually dishonest” and also referring to her as Casper the Ghost. For Dencia, she emphasized the fact that the “dark spot removing” business is her business and that she has the statistics on what people use her products for.

See some of their tweets below...

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