Saturday, 21 January 2017

Customs Instructed to Increase Scrutiny of Cargo to Avoid Entry of Guns from Nigeria amid political unrest

Cameroon customs have increased security in various entry ports along the coastlines of the country's South West Region to avoid the entry of guns from Nigeria amid the ongoing strike. 

According to eye witness reports the level of cargo scrutiny are time unusual and time consuming. A trader who spoke exclusively to Cameroon Journal on January 19, 2017 said: 
“When we arrived from neighbouring Nigeria, a Customs officer turned up and asked to check the content of my cargo [cartoons of smoked fish]. We had to go cartoon by cartoon and the officer sorted it fish after fish,”


  1. lolz so this people too get fear for their face too..lolz

  2. Guns cames from chad. from gabon from eq guinea from the air. from the sea Paul biya doesnt have enough manpower to check every where plus if an armed gun men wants to cross. these gendames dont have a chance.. just ass THE y bir is beeing slaughtres up north cameroun paul biya is a coward. only knows how to inti.idate un armed citizens