Friday, 27 January 2017

Chicken arrested and thrown in jail for causing chaos (Photos)

A chicken has been jailed in Honduras after causing chaos when he invaded a neighbour's field. The bird was caged by police after his owner got into a fierce row with another man in the city of Trujillo in the northern Honduran department of Colon.
Officers incarcerated the cockerel after it raided a plot of land, climbing trees and shattering the peace with loud cries.

According to Daily Mail, the land owner threatened to silence the offender - only for the owner to retaliate by warning: 'If you kick the rooster I will kill you.'

The row escalated and concerned neighbours called police, fearing the men were about to hurt or even kill each other.

Instead of arresting the men, officials captured the rooster and took it to the local jail - promising to free him only when the men reached an agreement.

A picture shows the brown and black cockerel wandering around its cell and looking out through the bars.


  1. ki ki, please report mass and unjust arrest in cameroon. i doubt how you will spend this space to talk about arrest of chicken with the atrocities going on in cameroon

  2. Chai kiki I doubt at times if you are reasonable at all cause we got pertinent issues in our country and you are here tellin us about the arrest of a chicken what the f**k is this our concern. You can't talk about the unjust arrest happening home you are here giving us irrelevant informations. Please if you can't give us relevant informations better stay quiet