Sunday, 22 January 2017

Cameroon General killed in helicopter crash

According to several reports, a helicopter fighting the Boko Haram insurgency has crashed on the border with Nigeria, killing six people including a General.

Midjiyawa Bakari, governor of the far north region of Cameroon, confirmed that Gen. Jacob Kodji died Sunday evening near the village of Bogo while on an inspection mission.

Three other top officials and two crew members also died.

Jacob Kodji was a top Cameroonian military official in the fight against the insurgents. He had been appointed 17 months ago by President Paul Biya.


  1. OOhh my goodness this guy was just promoted to a General less than two years ago...what a loss for a very fine soldier! may the good lord protect and guide his family. there are no answers to things like this.

  2. Ohh may their souls rip