Monday, 5 December 2016

Update: 11-year-old Sierra Leone girl suffering from 'strange' breast condition undergoes surgery (Graphic photos)

Do you remember the 11-year=old Sierra Leone girl, Mamie Sam, with a 'strange breast condition'. Read Here! Maime, who resides with her grandparents, cried out for help to the government and other humanitarian organizations to come to her aid.
Speaking to a reporter, she explained that some time last year she went on a fishing expedition together with her grand mother and other women in the town. After the exercise she started experiencing her breast becoming large.
"While taking her bath together with the women in the stream, one of them spoke about the increase in her breast, saying it was becoming abnormal and not a good thing for her. During the night, her breast itched and kept increasing as she tried scratching. The following morning, when she went to school, her classmates made fun of her and she stopped going to school ever since then."
Although her parents reportedly sought medical attention and consulted several herbalists within their community, there was no improvement.

However, a team of specialized doctors from Netherlands have now carried out the surgery needed to reduce her breasts, See the graphic photos from during the surgery, below...

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