Thursday, 22 December 2016

Tchidi Tchikere, Klint Da Drunk and Walter Anga don't know what they are talking about - Kom people cry out on Facebook

Earlier today, we reported that Nigerian actors Tchidi Tchikere, Klint Da Drunk and Walter Anga were given the titles Mbanfon, Fuifon and Nguifon respectively in Kom, Cameroon. This report was a relay of what was shared by the trio to their fans on social media.

After reading our report, some Cameroonians lashed out on social media and accused the Kom people for selling chieftaincy titles to foreigners. In their defence, Kom people explained that the Nigerian actors must have misunderstood their celebratory tradition reserved for august guests for a chieftaincy ceremony.

The CEO of Khati Khati International, Donald Ndong who is from Kom, exclusively told Kinnaka's Blog that Chieftaincy titles can never be given to a non Kom person as it is a birthright. According to him the Nguifon title which Nigerian actor Walter Anga claims was given to him is a rank reserved for leaders of a top traditional secret society in Kom. He concluded that, the Nguifon title can never be bestowed on a foreigner.

The question here is:
- Did the Nigerian actors misunderstand the Kom people?
- Did someone lie to the Nigerian actors?
- Are the Nigerian actors lying to their fans?
- Or did someone play 419 on these three actors?


  1. Hmmm we are still waiting for the real matter to be aired out for us to know the reason why they are putting on those clothes and having a ceremony for them

  2. Why should Nigerian actors even get honorary titles in Cameroon? Have you ever heard that they gave that to a Cameroon actor or any other country for that matter? Let us not sell ourselves low please. I am so pained because these are not even A-list actors. SHame Kom people.

  3. Its really a shame on the Kom people, at a time like this when we all have better things to work on concerning our English Cameroon struggle, they go ahead and confuse themselves on whether they gave honorary titles or not to mare nollywood actors. To me that means they can still sell out their gods and traditional secrets to white-man like they did years ago. TOOOO BADDDD...........