Tuesday, 27 December 2016

Striking Cameroon teachers storm out of talks

Striking teachers Tuesday stormed out of the negotiations with the government in Bamenda, Cameroon.  According to multiple reports, the teachers have vowed to continue with the strike that has paralysed school operations in the region since November 21.
Thousands of teachers and lawyers in English-speaking regions of Cameroon have resorted to work boycott, accusing the government of imposing the French language on their schools and courts.
Much sympathy

Areas controlled by Britain and France joined to form Cameroon after the colonial powers withdrew in the 1960s.

Both groups have called for a two-state federation; a demand that has attracted much sympathy from other groups and political parties in the regions.


  1. Kiki this is what u shd be feeding us with. We need our national news especially at this time that we have many things going on. We are tired of u bringing us news about celebrities in US. We have issues in cameroon.

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