Friday, 30 December 2016

Nathalie Koah is taking a break from social media

Cameroonian socialite, Nathalie Koah just announced to her fans that she is taking a break from social media. Nathalie came into the limelight after her alleged 7 years relationship Cameroonian legend, Samuel Eto'o went south. Naked photos of Nathaie were released online and the brouhaha between herself and Samuel Eto'o ended in court. 

After the court case, the pair moved on separately and Nathalie was blessed with a daughter in October. According to Nathalie her decision to leave social media is based on family reasons. 

Read the translated version of her post below...
“My Loves … it is with great emotion that I announce that I will have to withdraw (definitely or never knows) social networks for purely family reasons. I have always (contrary to what the sad episode that made me famous was allowed to think) was modest and very protective of my private life. The proof you did not know while there was something to create the “buzz” … the real one! in my life. This decision to withdraw from the public sphere I definitely took when my daughter was born. The natural need to protect my privacy has re-seized me. Only I could not leave without sharing my joy, you who have witnessed my sorrow. Also, my strong media coverage has always been a problem for my companion. And even more so now that we want to build on the long term. 
“Being in the spotlight in this way, displeases to my entourage, I promised them to find the middle ground by the end of the year because I also had difficulty to live without you, my second family. But, that’s it I found it. In my next and last (I have tears in the eyes) post I will explain in depth if necessary, the reasons for this decision, but especially I will slip you how and by what channel you will remain in contact with me. You will be with me in carrying out my professional projects … I will be with you in sharing my experience and more. Eh yes reassure you I do not suddenly cut the cord. While waiting this next post know that here I stumble, here I got up and that thanks to you. Happy New Year. …”

“I thought I could go into long explanations about the reason for my withdrawal from social networks but through your heartrending messages, I understood that you all understood me. Thank you for everything. THANK YOU to all. THANK YOU to TEAMNK. 
“I was defeated, you remade me. I follow you and you will always be eternally grateful. It’s time for me to focus on my family and … my projects Speaking of project, I invite you to stay connected on this page which will become only the showcase of my professional activities and humanitarian actions, in order to have the primer on each initiative. Happy New Year 2017 I love you NK”


  1. i think she deserves it Lol, She tried Ruining Eto'o 's Marriage Career with the Social media nd it failed her hands down. its better tht she concertrates on other useful things leave them alone and get lost from the social media for her own good.

    1. You're ignorant. Eto'o ruined his own marriage. You think she's the only girl he fucked while in a relationship with the mother of his kids? Think again. Plus he did more wrong by leaking her photos. She's a much better person now and a very good mother. So stfu and focus on your own sins.