Friday, 9 December 2016

Kumba Okada Boys Take to the Streets in Solidarity With Bamenda (Watch)

The town of Kumba wake up this morning to high tension as a mob of bike riders popularly known in the country as Okada boys took to the streets in a peaceful protest march in solidarity to the killings in Bamenda yesterday by state police.

The protest this morning is took the bike riders through the major streets of Kumba, the economic hub of the South West region. The angry protesters were brandishing similar messages like their peers at different rallies about the marginalization of the Anglophone region of the country. Some of the messages read, “Marginalization of Anglophones must stop.” “The government must solve our problems,” and “we are tired of our children staying at home” amongst others.

According to a Kinnaka's Blog correspondent the Okada boys went round town closing down schools that were still defying the strike action. Kumba has come to a standstill as everywhere is closed: schools, offices, businesses, including markets are all closed down and the streets are deserted.

Watch the video of the strike below...

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