Thursday, 1 December 2016

Kanye West’s brother addresses the rapper's depression

KWest has been left so traumatised by his wife Kim Kardashian’s brutal robbery that he fears HIS life is now in danger, his stepbrother has claimed. For the first time, Hal Carmichael – whose mother Cheryl was married to Kanye’s father Ray – has broken the family’s silence over Kanye’s hospitalisation.

Speaking exclusively to The Sun Online, Hal says:
“No one thought Paris would happen in a million years and now he’s seen it happen to Kim, it’s traumatising.“Ye is tired, he’s hurt, he feels betrayed and he’s probably feeling depressed.“It’s like who can he trust? You can’t trust anyone, even the people you’ve been paying to protect you. They haven’t been doing their jobs correctly.“I think Kanye got to a point when he was fearing for his life and for his family’s safety because of what went down in Paris – I think it took a toll on him.“He ends up walking about worrying and thinking, who’s going to do what to me?”“It was so shocking when I found out he was in hospital but I knew in my stomach why – he’s mentally exhausted because he works so hard.“Since he started out in the business he has never taken a break, or stopped working. He’s lost it right now because he’s only human."

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