Friday, 16 December 2016

Groom is forced to wear wedding dress at his nuptials because his fiancée thinks it makes her look fat

Many brides have a dream wedding dress, but most don't ask their groom wear it to their wedding. Ou Qian from China was self-conscious about looking fat in her wedding gown. To show his love and support, her fiancée, Wu Shuai, wore her dress to their ceremony.

The unconventional wedding was held in at hotel in the Shunqing district of Nanchong city on December 10. At the ceremony the bride, walked on stage handsomely dressed in a black tuxedo and sunglasses. Her father had died and she didn't want anyone else to walk her down the aisle.
Then the emcee introduced the groom who strutted out wearing a wedding gown and bridal makeup. The guests roared with laughter at his unusually feminine appearance and serious demeanor.

When Mr Wu was asked why he would go through with wearing a wedding gown to the ceremony, he told People's Daily Online
‘She thinks she is too chubby now and she won’t look good in a wedding dress. So she suggested me wear the dress whereas she will be in suit.'

'On such a special occasion, I wish to express our willingness to put ourselves into each other’s shoes by exchanging the roles, it’s the correct attitude in marriage.'
'I wish that we can consider each other’s point of view for the rest of our lives.'
The couple met in 2011. When they first fell in love, Ou Xi only weighed 88lbs. Mr Wu was concerned that she was too skinny and helped her gain weight.

A friend of the groom said: 
‘The 187 lb-man is courageous enough to wear a wedding dress. It’s very surprising.’
Mr Wu struggled to squeeze into a dress and had to get it specially tailored for the ceremony.

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