Friday, 9 December 2016

Full List of Balafon Music Awards 2016 Winners

The 2016 Balafon Music Awards took place last night, December 8th in Douala, Cameroon.  The event was well attended by celebrities in entertainment. See the full list of winners below...

1. Artiste de musique tradi-moderne-Soumi

2. Révélation féminine-Blanche Bailly

3. Videoclip de l’année-Reniss

4. Chanson de l’année-“on va gérer ” Mr Leo

5. Meilleure voix féminine-daphné

6. Artiste féminine de l’année-Lady Ponce

7. Artiste de musique sacrée-Lab’l

8. Révélation masculine-Locko

9. Meilleur featuring-Daphne ft Ben Decca

10. Meilleure voix masculine-Mr Leo

11. Album de l’année-“Playlist” X maleya

12. Artiste masculin de l’année-X maleya

13. Balafon Spécial-Salatiel

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  1. Hello, i am writing on behalf of the BMA 2016 team. thanks heartily for your article. just a correction: Mr Leo won 2 awards (Best male voice and song of the year). the first trophy he received was on behalf of Salatiel, who received a "Balafon Spécial" for his contribution toward music production and promotion. Locko is Revelation masculine (best upcoming artist). you can find the full list at once more thanks for your support. #Laure #TeamBMA2016