Wednesday, 28 December 2016

Friends now? Stanley Enow shows Jovi love

The widely reported beef between two of Cameroon’s top rappers, Stanley Enow and Jovi seems to be a thing of the past if Stanley Enow's recent tweet is anything to go by. The 'Njama Njama Cow' hit-maker shocked his fans by tweeting his alleged sworn enemy's official 'Mongshung' video and labeling it 'One of his favourite songz this year"! Check out his tweet below...

Is this Staney Enow's way of peace offering? Should we expect a collaboration?


  1. Stanley enow and kinaka blog started it with that fake picture of Jovi in a radio studio and enow at Africa 24 . Bandi I like you but that particular picture you wanted to raise tension with in this blog is still stuck in my head and unforgivable . Your are the best blogger and at the same time a bad one . We all know you hate Jovi but never mind he is our best . Enow started the insult at pulse TV and now he is trying to end it. But Jovi don't forget maahlox and Franco got your back .

    1. Yes kinaka is the best blogger according to me too but Jovi and Stanley started fighting way before she started blocking.

  2. we the mboko fans don't need a Stanley Enow in our hot shit... he should try elsewhere

  3. Stanley Enow's music career is almost over. He just wants now to create a friendship with Jovi so it can help him stay in the lamplight longer lol

  4. You all shud try t see the posotive side o things......doesn't matter if career is going the end making peace is the way forward......beef here beef there ...what's all the shit. Kudos Standley...that just shows your big enough!