Thursday, 1 December 2016

Cameroon to invest FCfa 6.8 billion in 2017 to improve land tenure system

The reform programme of management of the Cameroonian land tenure system will be speeded up during the year 2017. Indeed, while defending the budget of her ministerial department before the Finance Commission of the National Assembly on 26 November 2016, the Minister of Lands, Cadastre Registry and Land Affairs, Jacqueline Koung à Bessiké, announced that an envelope FCfa 6.8 billion (a little more than 25% of the overall budget envelope of the ministry) will be devoted to ongoing reforms.
These investments, she stated, will mainly be used to establish technical digital infrastructure that should lead to the densification of the national geodesic network; modernisation of searches and capacity building of agents in change of managing land issues in the country.

As a reminder, in Cameroon, land management still grapples with lots of thorns, of which the least is not corruption of agents in charge of these issues. Indeed, it is not unusual that by widespread trick tactics, land titles reputed to be still unassailable, are delivered to several individuals for the same parcel of land.

The reforms initiated by the Cameroonian authorities some years ago aim not only to facilitate the issuance of land titles, for which applicants often wait several years; but also and above all put an end to duplication of land titles, thanks to an effective and efficient cadastral system.


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