Saturday, 5 November 2016

There's a spa in Japan where you can bathe in wine, coffee, tea and noodles

Love a spa day? Love wine? Then you're going to be seriously envious of residents of Hakone in Tokyo, Japan who live in the vicinity of a spa where you can bathe in a red wine hot spring.
The Yunessun Spa Resort is described as a spa theme park. As well as a menu of traditional treatments, it has several themed spas like an Ancient Roman bath. But its drink-themed spas (or onsens as they're known) are the main event.

As well as the red wine hot spring, there are also pools filled with hot sake, green tea, coffee and even ramen noodle. There are even daily wine and coffee pouring ceremonies when the spas are refilled.

But the spas are more than just a novelty addition - each one is thought to provide a detoxing health benefit or improve skin conditions.

Green tea is recommended for anti-aging properties, coffee to reduce cellulite, wine to boost skin-protecting antioxidents and sake to ease sun spots.

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