Wednesday, 9 November 2016

Prophet TB Joshua Edits His US Election Prophesy Post On Facebook

Popular Nigerian pastor TB Joshua has faced enormous backlash from the internet after he wrongly predicted the winner of US Elections. TB Joshua had taken to Facebook two days ago saying he saw a ‘Woman’ (Hillary Clinton) as The United States next President. 

But in a shocking twist of events, Donald Trump won the elections and immediately after the announcement, TB Joshua took down his post  and replaced it with a dot “.”.


  1. just a piece of advice lady, just be careful with what you write. Do not judge please.
    Just be careful ohh.

  2. What's the meaning of judging.she is not of God failed us. Infact his tumbu tumbu failed can't fool all the people all the time.

  3. But if I saw correctly, the two posts were put on same day, so what's the deal

    1. Are u an illiterate. When you edit a post. The initial date remain not the new date . Dump ass

  4. hey, i'm not an extremist but i think his official facebook page is titled "tbj ministries". lets watch our mouths and 'fingers'!!

  5. liars would always be caught in their mishaps. its a pity people still follow people like this. smh