Tuesday, 22 November 2016

Piers Morgan blames Kim Kardashian for Kanye's hospitalisation

Piers Morgan, a self-proclaimed knower-of-all and reckless opinion generator has suggested Kim Kardashian is to blame for Kanye West's hospitalization. While speaking on Good Morning Britain on Tuesday morning, Piers said:
"It's funny that a major star like this was hospitalized, taken in handcuffs and it's dramatic [after he] cancels world tour... it would be a legitimate big story, but I can tell you just looking on Twitter, there are a lot of people saying 'I don't give a damn about those two anymore, I'm done with them.'"
"They've got millions and billions of people following them - but do they really care? It's sad. I've met Kanye a couple of times - he's incredibly smart, bright, different, incredibly talented guy and a brilliant musician yet he was sucked into this vortex of the Kardashian reality television and now look... he's in a hospital in Los Angeles and he's in a terrible state.I feel sorry for him."

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