Saturday, 26 November 2016

Nursery worker filmed slapping baby so hard she fractured tot's skull

A nursery worker was caught on CCTV slapping and kicking a baby so hard the tot suffered a fractured skull and internal bleeding. Afsana Shaikh was filmed beating nine-month-old Ritisha Sinha during nap time at the day care centre in western India.

The shocking attack took place on the infant's first day at the nursery, in the city of Kharghar, in Maharashtra State. Ritisha's mother, Ruchita, noticed a bruise on the little girl's face when she collected her.

Dad Rajat said: "Ritisha was fast asleep but there was a bruise under her eye. When my wife asked about it, the centre owner said she had hit herself while playing.
"Initially, we thought that Ritisha may have been stressed because it was her first day, and we believed the caretaker.
"But at home, she was crying continuously and refused to eat anything."
According to Mirror UK, Rajat, 31, and Ruchita, 29, discovered more bruises on their daughter's back and behind her ear. Rishita also developed a fever and started vomiting.

The worried parents took her to a doctor the next day and a hospital CT scan later revealed that she had suffered a small fracture at the back of her skull, which had led to internal 


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