Thursday, 3 November 2016

Nine killed in Cameroon road crash

On Wednesday, nine people were killed when a car ploughed into a group of women at Ebebda, some 70km northwest of Cameroon’s capital Yaoundé. The women were returning from a Roman Catholic Mass to mark the All Souls’ day.
The All Souls Day, which comes a day after the All Saints’ Day, was set aside for the Catholic faithful to honour the dead. The faithful believe that through the prayers of those still alive, the dead were absolved of their sins so they may enter into heaven.

The accident left one person with injuries, according to state broadcaster; the Cameroon Radio Television (CRTV). The victims had spent the night in their church praying.

The survivors of the accident told reporters they had stopped by a hospital to visit one of their church members before they met their fate while walking along the highway.

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