Monday, 7 November 2016

Mum's horror at finding dead SPIDER in her KFC bargain bucket

A expectant mother says she was ill for three days after finding a dead spider in her KFC bargain bucket. Lisa Turner and her partner Matthew Robb, 34, went to the popular fast food chain in Canterbury Street, Gillingham, and bought a bargain bucket for themselves and their son Bradley, 16.
But as they tucked into their meal, the couple were horrified to discover a dead spider in the bottom of the bucket and then were left even more sickened when they found parts of a spider in a chicken leg.

Miss Turner, 34, of Albert Manor, Britton Street, Gillingham, said she and Bradley were ill for the following three days with sickness and diarrhoea.

Miss Turner said: “I purchased the bucket and other items for my family and brought it home and were all eating it and then to my disgust, we found the spider at the bottom of the chicken bucket.

“Then I went on to find part of a spider actually in the chicken leg I was eating. I was horrified.

“I am seven months pregnant and it made me feel so ill. Then Bradley and I both went on to suffer from sickness and diarrhoea for three days.

“This can be very serious when you are pregnant. Thankfully we have recovered now.”

Her partner took the bucket containing the dead spider back to the restaurant. Staff gave him a refund and demanded he hand the bucket over to them.

Miss Turner added: “While he was there he could hear the staff talking about it and they were saying he wasn’t the only person who had complained that day.

“It is such a well known company, I think this matter should be told to others and not just left. We will never be buying food from there again.”

A KFC spokesman said: “Our Canterbury Street restaurant has an excellent five-star rating from the environmental health office, and our pest control company held a routine inspection on the day of Lisa’s visit, which found no problems.

“As the food had been taken home, it’s difficult to know where this came from, but we were sorry to hear of Lisa’s experience so immediately offered her a refund as a gesture of goodwill – which was accepted.”

KFC said they did not receive any other complaints.

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