Monday, 28 November 2016

Military invade University of Buea amid students' peaceful prostest (photos)

This morning University of Buea students started a peaceful demonstration on the university campus based on their grievances in the letter sent to the Head of State and the Vice Chancellor.

The students, in their letter warned the Vice Chancellor to stop manipulating them, and pledged their support for striking Common Law Lawyers and Teachers.

They also want the 10, 000F CFA penalty for late registration to be abolished, and also insisting that the annual Presidential grants should be given to all students from level 300.

The Cameroon government reacted by deploying military troops on the campus in a desperate move bring back order. The military opened fire on the demonstrators and used tear gas in an attempt to disperse them as they chanted different songs around the Campus. 

The University of Buea is one of the schools in the English speaking zone that ignored the call for a strike by the Anglophone Teacher's Union.  

Read the entire letter and photos of the demonstration below...

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