Friday, 18 November 2016

Meet Cameroonian makeup artist Sone Ndome Vicky-Corine

Sone Ndome Vicky-Corine
Sone Ndome Vicky-Corine known as Corine Lastar, is a talented born in Douala Cameroon and is based in Nigeria. Playing with colours has been a thing of interest to, her right from childhood. As the years passed, Corine's zeal to play with colour on a reater scale grew which made her begin her career in makeup.  

Having a lot of sisters and friends made Corine's early days a lot easier as she used them as her canvas to try every trick she learned by word of mouth or tutorials. Her quest for more knowledge caused her to migrate to Nigeria, which is considered the hub of entertainment in Africa. 

Moving wasn't easy but she managed to enroll in Make Up school where she perfected her art and craft, and graduated with flying colours and has been in the business for some time now. In her own words, "people who know Naija, know it is a semi heart for Makeup and you dare not trace a rough path on anyone's face or that's your end. Lol. It hasn't been easy but trust me it's been and it is worth it. I'm still a work in progress and getting better by the day".

Check out photos of Corine's work below...


  1. Ndoms. Congrats darling. Have watched you grow. Your commitment persistence and passion wi definitely take you places. Kudos girl.